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Sis. Joy Starkey

I was going through a very difficult time in my life and wasn’t sure if either I nor my family was going to make it. I endeavoured many sleepless nights and shed countless tears, but I thank God for Jesus and for Samaritan Christian Center. With the help and counsel of our spiritual leaders Bishop Glenn […]

Why We Need Fellowship

Why We Need Fellowship   1 John 1:7 “But if we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanses us from all sin.” Fellowship comes from the Greek word, KOINONIA, which means “ to share in common.” Christian […]

What is True Biblical Fellowship?

Fellowship               What is True Biblical Fellowship? The word used in the Early Church, went far beyond occasional or regular gatherings, even though they met because of their common bond in Christ, and met at the same place and time, for a unified purpose. We learn in God’s word that fellowship is a HEART issue, […]

Forgiveness: An Act and a Process

   Forgiveness: An Act and a Process Think of the forgiveness process like making a purchase with a credit card. Imagine that you go to a jewelry counter, choose a beautiful diamond bracelet and slap down the plastic. You sign your name on the receipt, and the bracelet is yours. This illustrates the willful act of […]


Selfishness THE NUMBER ONE PROBLEM IN MARRIAGE Our first commandment deals with the number one problem in marriage, a setback that cropped up in the garden with Adam and Eve.  Since then we’ve seen it continue all the way to the twenty-first century.  What is it?  Selfishness! We all suffer from the sin of selfishness.  […]

A Comparison of Love vs Lust

 A Comparison of Love vs Lust The difference between Love vs Lust has become difficult to recognize for many  in our society today. Everyone is born with the desire to find true love because we all understand that it is the one thing in life that will ever really truly fulfill us. However, the only […]

Give God Something To Work With!

Give God Something To Work With! You have to participate in your own blessings. You have to do SOMETHING! It is amazing how people stretch their hands out for God’s blessing to just fall into them without preparation on their part. People talk about getting a degree, but they don’t take the necessary steps to […]

3 Blessing God Has Prepared for You

  3 Blessing God Has Prepared for You Is your view of God’s blessings the same a His? Consider, Have you ever been disappointed that God didn’t “bless you” in the way you’d hoped? Maybe…. .You didn’t succeed in school or sports as you had expected or…. .You didn’t get the job that you really […]


  Obedience Obedience – act or instance of submitting to the restraint or command of an authority; compliance with the demands or requests of someone  over us. The generals words for obedience is both Hebrew and Greek refer to hearing or hearkening to a superior authority. Another major Greek word includes the idea of submission […]